Chinese and Japanese Ceramics and Works of Art

Harry Douglas-Hamilton is an antiques dealer who specialises in:

  • Japanese ceramics & works of art – Edo & Meiji Periods Large bronze tripod censer, by Murata Seimin, Japan, Bunsei era, circa 1820
  • Chinese ceramics & works of art – Ming & Qing Dynasties Carved bamboo figure, China/Japan, 19th century
  • Chinese & Japanese decorative art - prints, paintings & screens Hanging scroll painting, China, late Qing Dynasty, circa 1900

Selling Asian Art

  • everything on this website is available to buy
  • further information is available on request.

Buying Asian Art

  • Harry purchases good quality Chinese and Japanese art and antiques
  • to include: porcelain, bronzes, jade, lacquer, enamel, bamboo, textiles and furniture.

Sourcing Asian Art

  • Harry sources quality Asian art from Scotland and northern England
  • for trade buyers, private collectors, and museums, and
  • for buyers in Europe and North America.

To Contact Harry…

by e-mail: (preferred)
by phone:
07760 467792 (UK mobile)

About Harry Douglas-Hamilton

Harry Douglas-Hamilton, Asian art antiques dealer and consultantHarry has over 17 years' experience working in the antiques industry for dealers and auction houses in Edinburgh and London. He has a particular interest in Asian art.

Harry's experience is complemented by:

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